Theatrical and Studio Supplies

We stock many commonly used theatrical supplies in our shop for purchase.  These items include:
  • Many colors of Gel
  • Gaff Tape
  • Spike Tape
  • Tie line
  • Glow Tape
  • Various types of Lamps
  • Fogger and Haze Fluids
  • Safety Cables
  • C-clamps
If you don't see an item here you'd like, contact us and we can find it for you.

We also can special order steel or glass gobos for your production or event.

Visit our Product Lines page for a listing of manufacturers we carry!

Theatrical and Studio Equipment

Premier Productions is also certified dealers for many of the industry's top manufacturers.  Contact us for a quote on any theatrical or studio equipment.  We can also provide expert advise on what equipment can suite your needs the best.

We also have some used gear for sale on our For Sale Page.

Drape and Softgoods

Having your project, location or set look its best is as easy as having the right stage curtains to enhance your space while eliminating unwanted background clutter.  We can transform any space into a show case with the proper use of curtains and accessories.

We can install a temporary setting or design a complete look for your stage or presentation area.  It is important to understand which fabrics work best in particular environments, whether they need to be Inherently Flame Retardant or standard material that can be treated to meet local fire codes, our staff can suggest the best alternative to fit your needs.